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Pinnacle MMA & Fitness

Pinnacle MMA & Fitness

2620 Willow Point Way

Knoxville, TN 37931

Knoxville's #1 Fitness and Martial Arts Gym!

Are you looking for a change from the typical?  Are you wanting to get in shape, build confidence or even compete?  Pinnacle MMA is your one stop shop for all fitness and competition needs!  Knoxville's #1 gym has programs for men, women and children of ALL ages, experience and fitness levels.Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu programs are taught by professionals in a fun, fast paced and goal oriented manner.  Don't hesitate, start reaching for your goals today!  Email, call, text or drop by Knoxville's #1 gym TODAY!

Class Schedule




10:00am Boot Camp conditioning (based on attendance)

4:00pm   Children’s Martial Arts (ages 5-8)

4:30pm   Children’s Martial Arts (ages 9-12)

5:30pm   Boot camp conditioning

6:15pm   Jiu-jitsu

7:30pm   Kickboxing




10:00am Jiu-jitsu (based on attendance)

4:00pm   Children’s Martial Arts (ages 9-12)

4:30pm   Children’s Martial Arts (ages 5-8)

5:30pm   Boot Camp Conditioning

6:15pm   Kickboxing

7:30pm   Jiu-jitsu




4:30pm Children’s Martial Arts (combined ages)

5:00pm Jiu-jitsu

6:00pm Kickboxing




9:00am   Boot camp Conditioning

10:00am Children’s Martial Arts (Combined ages)

11:00am Jiu-jitsu

12:00pm Kickboxing


Private sessions available.